About Me

Hi, my name is Atul, I am photographer based in New Delhi and I specialize in Wedding, Portraiture and Fashion Photography.

I have done MBA in Finance after doing my Bachelors in Engineering (It is said that this combination gives good opportunities in one’s career). Rightly so, I have been working with an infrastructure financing company for the last five years.

My brother got me my first DSLR in 2008 and since then my camera became my best friend (3 best friends now as I upgraded over the years) and I fell in love with photography (second to my wife though). I started photography as a weekend photographer and attended quite a few workshops by experts in Wildlife, Wedding and Studio photography.

I am a guy who carries a camera everywhere I go and this obsession with photographs has given some interesting photos and many new friends. I am a relaxed, outgoing person who is passionate about making images.

To me Photography is like time travel. I believe that a person’s emotion and memory attached with a photograph, plays with the complex network of circuits in the brain taking him/her back in time. I truly believe that a person should always document his life by way of photographs for him and for his closed ones.

This website is a showcase of my work in Wedding Photography. I would love the chance to make some memories with you. Click the buttons below in the Footer to find me on facebook or twitter or Contact me by clicking here.