Food For Thought

I travel across India for unique weddings and wedding locations are not a hindrance for me.

  1. I make my own travel arrangements.
  2. You can give me a phone call to resolve any queries, if I am shooting or busy with workshops I’ll give you a return call. I always respond to the emails that you’ll send me. Click here to contact me.
  3. There are no surprises in my pricing. I also do not believe in pricing based on price per sheet.
  4. “I Work Alone” (reminiscent of a James Bond Movie). However, depending on the event/gathering, I might have a second photographer or an assistant to carry my equipment.
  5. Access to venues is usually provided by the couple/ wedding planner. I need access prior to the wedding at least once to have a better understanding of the venue to plan my shoot.
  6. Accommodation, if the marriage is in Delhi then I arrive at the venue from my home but if it’s elsewhere then I am open to make my own arrangements but mostly I expect a courtesy from the host.