Working Together

Here I explain how I go from the initial discussions to actual photo shoot.

After the initial discussions over phone, you’ll have to bear a series of emails in which I share and try to seek as much information and details of the wedding.

After the initial emails, I prefer a meeting. With this meeting I try to make sure I have the timelines and schedules of the ceremonies/rituals in as much detail as possible.

A broad schedule of the marriage rituals and ceremony is necessary. Most of the times a close friend of the couple or a brother/sister has a better handle on things. Sometimes the wedding planner that the couple is working with has a better handle on things and I sit with them to understand all proceedings and schedules.

I prefer to sign a contract with certain minimal terms and conditions for the marriage. I explain to the couple and wedding planner, what I will be needing from them, much before the actual day of the shoot. We don’t want the Great Grand Mommy of the bride to say, “why is it that I am not in any of the pictures?”, do we?.

After all the research I arrive at the venue ready to shoot.

I deliver soft-copies of the images within five days of marriage for you to put up on your favorite social networking site. The wedding book as you’ll appreciate takes time for printing and delivery.The photo-book album shall be delivered withing one month of the wedding. Usually the couple is back from their Honeymoon within one month and ready to enjoy images of their marriage.

This is the simplest way I could write my workflow. It may involve any further reference for future assignments :). I hope you won’t mind that.